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Washing and sorting production line

We manufacture the sorting line in size and design specifically according to your needs.

Product Specification

The washing and weight sorting system consists of a brush washing machine, a blow-off unit and a sorting unit. Optionally, it is possible to implement a sorting unit by weight. The three machines are perfectly coordinated with each other and enable effective cooperation at a high performance level. In addition, the machines can be operated individually.

Especially suitable for:
Pumpkins – Celery – Turnips

Functionality of the washing and sorting system


  • Gentle and thorough washing of vegetables with easy handling
  • Diagonally arranged cylinders with special brushes
  • Rotation of the brushes enables a simultaneous cleaning of thick and thin vegetables
  • Individually adjustable and product-adapted speed of the brushes ensures a good washing result
  • The vegetables are automatically conveyed to the blow-off unit

blowing station

  • Due to the blowing off the vegetables, the stagnant moisture is removed
  • Basic structure of the machine is made of stainless steel
  • A high-performance blower directs the air at high speed onto the surface of the vegetables
  • A conveyor belt transports the vegetables through the blow-off unit
  • The vegetables are transferred separately to the weigh sorting unit

weighting and sorting

  • Suitable for: pumpkins, cabbage, celery, turnips or packaged goods
  • The vegetables are individually weighed during the process and sorted according to their weight
  • Easy operation and configuration of various parameters via touch screen
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Different discharge variants possible (turntable, sorting table, chute,…)
Wasch- und Sortierlinie YouTube play
Wasch- und Sortierlinie YouTube play
Wasch- und Gewichtssortierung YouTube play
Wasch- und Sortierlinie YouTube play