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Product spezification

The drum washer is used for washing.
The drum washer is also available with brushes.

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Functioning of the drum washer

  • size and output individually customizable
  • the hole size can be individually adjusted to the product
  • specially rounded holes in the drum avoid damaging the products
  • powered with extra strong V-belts
  • adjustable outlet slide to dispense individually the washing
  • in the drum contain a spraywash system with one or more adjustable spray pipes
  • spacious doors for easy cleaning on both sides
  • the drum washer is completely made of stainless steel and has a sturdy design
  • for extra high throughput we build dublex machinery, which operating separately as well
  • variant continuous washing machine, with discharge belt as perforated tape or sieving web
  • manually or electrically outlet slide
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