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Drum washer

We manufacture the size and design of the drum washer specifically according to your needs.
Depending on the design, it can also be equipped with brushes.

Product specification

The drum washer washes your vegetables gently and thoroughly.

Without brushes, the drum washer is suitable for:
carrots – potatoes – celeriac – tuberous plants
With brushes, the drum washer is particularly suitable for:

Functioning of the drum washer

· The hole size can be individually adjusted to the product

· Specially rounded holes in the drum avoid damaging the products

· Driven by extra strong V-belts

· Adjustable outlet slide for individually dosed washing

· In the drum there is a spray washing system with one or more adjustable spray tubes

· Spacious doors on both sides for easy cleaning

· The drum washer is completely made of stainless steel and has a robust design

· The outlet slide can be operated manually or electrically


· As dublex machine for high throughput

· As continuous washing machine with discharge belt

Trommelwaschmaschine YouTube play
Trommelwäscher YouTube play