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Radish washer

We manufacture the size and design of the radish washer specifically according to your needs.

Product Specification

The radish washer has a brush system for gentle and thorough cleaning of radishes.

Especially suitable for:
Radishes with leaves – cucumbers

Functionality of the radish washer

· Extra gentle and thorough washing by the use of 9 special brushes mounted at the bottom and 8 special brushes mounted on the top side

· Individually adjustable and product-adapted speed of the brushes ensures a good washing result

· Constant cleaning of thick and slim vegetables due to the spring-loaded upper brush section

· The spring-loaded upper brush section ensures that the fine tips of the radishes are cleaned as well

· Due to an efficient nozzle arrangement, the machine operates with minimal water consumption

· With a stopcock at the water drain the water can be accumulated to clean the vegetables in the water bath

· Insertion metal sheet, leaves running plate and output plate completely made of stainless steel to protect the productlstahl


· Can be combined with radish sorting
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