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Melon washer with water treatment

We manufacture the melon washer in size and design specifically according to your needs.
Depending on the design, the number and texture of the brushes varies.

Product Specification

The washing machine provides gentle and thorough washing of melons.


Especially suitable for:

Functionality of the melon washer

· The arrangement of the brushes moves the melon in a rotating motion

· Individually adjustable speed

· Efficient nozzle arrangement

· Water treatment reduces the consumption of fresh water

· Pre-washing with used water

· Post-washing with fresh water

Functionality of the water treatment

· The water treatment is placed under the outlet of the washing machine

· The sieve catches the rough dirt particles

· The sand and soil settle to the bottom with a 3-chamber system / due to the 3-chamber system the sand and soil settles to the bottom

· The process water is reused for pre-washing

· With pump and level sensor

· With Harting plug and hose coupling

· Easy handling and cleaning


· Feed conveyor belt

Melonenwaschmaschine YouTube play
Melonenwaschmaschine YouTube play