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Weighing and sorting

We manufacture the sorting line in size and design specifically according to your needs.

Product specification automatic weighing and sorting.

The product is weighed and automatically sorted according to the weight.

Especially suitable for:
Pumpkins – Chinese Cabbage – Cabbage Heads

Automatic functioning

· The vegetables are individually weighed during the process and sorted according to their weight

· Operation via touch screen

· Easy setting of different products and weight classes

· With daily counter and total counter


· Sorting implemented via switches, arms or paddle wheels

Product specification manual weighing and sorting

The product is manually placed in a crate, which is permanently weighed and the loaded weight is displayed.

Especially suitable for:
Beet – root parsley – parsnip – celery

Manual functioning

· The product is accumulated on a turntable or a conveyor belt and manually placed in crates

· The crate is constantly weighed

· The current weight is shown on a display


· Signal light red: too much or too little product filled in

· Signal light green: optimum weight filled in

Wiegen und sortieren YouTube play
Wiegen und Sortieren YouTube play
Wiegen und Sortieren YouTube play