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Pumpkin washer

We manufacture the pumpkin washer in size and design specifically according to your needs.
Depending on the design, the number and texture of the brushes varies.

Product Specification

Our pumpkin washer guarantees gentle and thorough washing of pumpkins without damaging the stem.

Especially suitable for:
Food pumpkins – Decoration pumpkins – Halloween pumpkins

Functionality of the pumpkin washer

· Gentle and thorough washing with easy handling

· Reliably removes dirt, streaks and thus significantly improves the appearance

· In size and throughput individually adaptable to your needs

· Diagonally arranged funnel with special brushes

· No damage of the pumpkin stem

· Individually adjustable and product-adapted speed

· Easy operation and cleaning simplifies the work

· Completely made of stainless steel and meets the requirements of the food industry


· Water treatment

· Additional nozzle series

Kürbiswaschmaschine YouTube play
Kürbiswaschmaschine YouTube play