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Salad washer

We manufacture the size and design of the salad washer specifically according to your needs.
Depending on the design, the length and additional equipment varies.


The dip tank allows washing of a product in one immersion process, by feeding air like a whirlpool.


Especially suitable for:
Lettuce – Lamb’s lettuce – Cucumbers – Spinach – Parsley

Functioning of the salad dip tank

· The vegetables are washed in the vegetable crates

· The crate moves with the vegetables under water, into a whirlpool bath supplied with air

· The water circulation washes out the soil between the lettuce leaves

· The conveyor belt speed is individually adjustable

· The vegetables are rinsed at the end with fresh water

· Throughput up to 400 crates/hour


· Leaf catching grid

· Roller conveyor

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