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Continuous washing machine, crate washer

We manufacture the size and design of the crate washer specifically according to your needs.
Depending on the design, the throughput varies.

Product Specification

The crate washer cleans the crates in a pre-rinse zone and post-rinse zone.

Especially suitable for:
Vegetable crates – Transport crates – E2 crates – Euro crates

Functionality of the continuous washing machine / crate washer

· Cleaning by efficiently arranged flat spray nozzles

· With minimum fresh water consumption

· With cold and hot water

· Spray bar for recycled water

· Spray bar for fresh water

· Has a pre-rinse and a post-rinse zone

· Speed of the conveyor belt is controlled by a frequency converter


· Dosing pump

· One man operation

· Suitable for dough boxes, insulated boxes, bowl boxes, lids, pool boxes, Euro 1,2,3

· Crate turner

· Roller conveyor

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