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We manufacture the cabbage cutter in size and design specifically according to your needs.
Depending on the design, it can also be equipped with a slide or discharge plate.


Product Specification

Ideally suited for cutting large quantities of white and red cabbage.

Especially suitable for:
White cabbage - red cabbage - optionally also for cucumber - leeks - carrots - radish


Functionality of the cabbage cutter

  • Cabbage with the stalk removed fits into the hopper without further shredding
  • The large feed hopper ensures continuous filling
  • The sickle knife is set at an angle, which guarantees an optimal cut
  • The standard cutting thickness is 1,5 mm
  • All components that get in direct contact with food are made of stainless steel
  • The large ejection outlet prevents blockages and thus protects the product
  • The wheels allow easy maneuvering
  • Throughput up to 800 kg/h
  • Swivel hopper for easy cleaning
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Krautschneider YouTube play

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