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Egg tray stacker

We manufacture the egg tray stacker in size and design specifically according to your needs.

Product Specification

With the traystacker, plastic egg trays can be stacked very quickly. The traystacker is the ideal extension for our egg tray washing machine. egg tray washing machine.

Functionality of the traystacker
for quick stacking of plastic egg trays

Funktionsweise der Waschmaschine

· The tray moves on a conveyor belt into the stacker

· The trays are placed electrically on top of each other (completely without compressed air)

· When a stack (adjustable number of pieces) is reached, the stack is set down and moves out of the machine on a conveyor belt

· Cycle time 2 seconds per tray

· Can be connected in single-lane or two-lane to a egg tray washing machine or an automatic packing machine

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